Thank you for taking the time to visit BRstudioZ.

Lessons here are catered to those wanting to expand their horizons. Over the years, BRstudioZ has developed and grown into a multi-faceted creative space that is able to accomplish so many things in one place. The best part of BRstudioZ is that it is always evolving as founding Director, Brendan Ramnath continues to travel the world and develop new concepts to further improve lessons within the studio. Lessons are held in the a studio home and BRstudioZ utilises an online system so that students are able to work on their projects anytime at home. Here are the lessons we offer:

  • Drums - Choose from 5 drumkits (including hybrid setups) to learn all styles and techniques
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Audio Engineering - Learn how to navigate your way around a studio with state of the art equipment such as Behringer Live Mixers and MIDI interfaces.
  • Website Coding - Along with Artist Management, comes a crash course in creating your online presence
  • Composition - Using multiple DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, Reaper
  • Video

    The world of video is so vast! BRstudioZ is contracted with for RAW Company, an international dance academy for qualified certification.

    BRstudioZ is able to produce DVDs, acoustic sessions, property photos/videos, showreels and many other forms of video.

    Check out some of the projects on the YouTube channel.


    Composition, arranging, mixing and mastering are a few of what goes on in the studio. Students also attend classes to further develop their knowledge of running their own projects.

    Artist Management

    Here all the services provided by BRstudioZ are applied to create the online presence needed for promoting a product or an artist.


    The gear used professionally in local and international events are also available for hire. Recording studio, Acoustic Drum kit, electric drum kit, cajon, Drum mics, Live PA, video cameras, audio interfaces.

    Website Creation

    Companies and artists that are needing a website created are given the knowledge on how to code their website after it has been created.