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Since witnessing his first live band, Brendan Ramnath was captivated to pursue drumming. Throughout the years, he has pushed himself to learn the many styles of music. He has become fond of teaching his experience to others and has in turn created his own company where his students perform in regular masterclass events. Brendan is now pushing the boundaries once again by utilising technology to create sounds of the future.Highlights of his career include touring both domestically and internationally with RAW Dance Company in Melbourne, New Zealand, Netherlands and New York.

"Brendan has been an integral part of RAW Company. Besides being the musical director and drummer for RAW's production Untapped, he has also used his expertise for audio engineering, video editing and production designing. His knowledge, research and hard-work has allowed the production to operate and function professionally at all times. His attention to detail is second to none, and we're so happy Brendan is apart of the Untapped and RAW Dance Family!" - Andrew Fee Owner of RAW Dance Company

Brendan is the Founding Director for BRstudioZ which is a studio built for tuition, videography, photography and recording. The company utlises state of the art technology and employs professionals who are working in the music industry to cater to the clients needs. By combining personal experiences with professionalism, the team is able to deliver a unique and creative package at the highest of standards.